Division 1

Division 1 specialises in underground construction.  Its business includes the construction of all kinds of underground spaces such as  road and rail tunnels, urban utility collector tunnels, linear utilities, underground energy and water management works, etc.

Division Director: Ing. Josef Bača


Division 2

Division 2 focuses on residential, office and commercial buildings, accommodation, health care and leisure facilities and other structures. Its business also includes construction and reconstruction of utilities - particularly wastewater treatment plants, sewers and water main networks.

Division Director: Ing. Patr Kajer 


Division 3

Division 3 is specialised in railway lines construction, mainly on refurbishment and upgrade of railway corridors. Further activities are:

- reconstruction of rails, switches and infrastructure elements on regional lines
- design and construction of rail tracks, e.g. reconstruction and construction of industrial tracks
- realisation of constructions connected with ecology in particular soil decontamination
- operation of non-public rail transport

Division Director: Ing. Miroslav Kadlec 

Division 4

Division 4 is dedicated to building services systems and technology:

- low and high-voltage wiring 
- ventilation and air conditioning
- heating
- plumbing 

Division Director: Ing. Jiří Lev

Slovakia Office 

Serbia Office - Ogranak Beograd 

Croatia Office - Podružnica Subterra Zagreb

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