Modern Constructions
with Tradition for 60 Years

We are a multi-faceted construction company operating in the Czech Republic and abroad for 60 years.
Never stuck on the ground

Underground Construction

Road, Motorway and Railway Tunnels, Underground Utility Tunnels, Utilities or Exploratory Galleries

Building Construction

Residential, Civic and Industrial Buildings, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Listed Buildings and Other Historical Buildings

Transport Infrastructure

Railway and Tram Lines, Noise Barriers, Remediation of Ecological Burdens and Reclamation of Former Industrial Areas

Building Installations

Utilities for Residential, Administrative and Other Buildings, Technological Units of Infrastructure Projects, Utilities and Minor Transport Construction


Excavated Stations and Tunnels, Secondary Lining, Technological Equipment of Underground Stations and Tunnel Sections


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Company Profile

We are a multi-faceted construction company with a 60-year tradition, belonging to the Metrostav Group. The company is involved mainly in underground, civil, building construction, transport infrastructure, including metro and in technical building services. We also operate abroad – in Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Sweden where we are involved in major infrastructure projects. Not only do we insist on high quality of construction and the use of modern technologies, but we also take pride in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible approach to business.

Newsletter Subterra 3/2024 (Czech only)

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