We pride ourselves on the quality of our construction work and the use of modern technologies as well as providing a sustainable and socially responsible approach to business. We hold a number of certificates in the areas of quality production, environmental protection, and work safety. We’re involved in long term support for social, cultural and sports projects.


Protecting and respecting the environment is one of our priorities. We have clearly defined environmental management practices that include training all employees with an emphasis on their personal responsibility. We also put an emphasis on our contractors’ attitudes towards the environment.

Quality Management

We approach the services required by the customer responsibly, we deliver top quality services, meet the agreed deadlines, and stay within the defined budget. We provide professional education and training of employees with an emphasis on personal accountability for their work. We also require our suppliers to comply with all laws, standards and other regulations.

Health and Safety Protection in the Work Place

We continuously and actively monitor the risks associated with the realization of demanding construction projects with a view to reducing the risk to our employees' health as much as possible. In addition to complying with all safety standards, we place a major emphasis on prevention and appropriate training.

Data Protection

We concentrate on raising our employees’ awareness concerning data protection during projects where we share information with business partners. We have procedures in place to prevent the theft or misuse of intangible assets.

Social Responsibility

We have a history of supporting cultural, sporting, charitable and specialized projects. We also help promising athletes in niche sports sectors.